Production information

Holdable powerup

Technical specifications


Attack Damage

Orb (20)

Rate of Fire

600 rpm

Muzzle Velocity

1,800 units per second


18,000 units

  • 1,000 units attack range
  • Delay of 1 second before engaging a target
  • Maximum of 5 BamBams deployable per team

Capture the Lolly


"The BAMBAM is a turret that automatically shoots any target in sight. It can be disabled by sufficient fire power though. Because the BAMBAM is a mighty weapon, it must not be placed on certain areas on the map as well as in hard to reach places. The BAMBAM is set up with the 'USE' button."
— World of Padman Manual

The BamBam, also called as BAMBAM, is a holdable powerup deploys an automated turret emplacement that engages and attacks the nearest target within its range and line of sight. Dealing heavy damage as well as noticeable knockback, only 5 shots to kill an enemy at full health with no armor. The BamBam can sometimes deactivate on its own (asleep), making it easy to destroy. There is an enforced limit of 5 BamBams can be deployed per team.

BamBams cannot be deployed in following areas listed below:

  • Near the Boomies
  • Near the Health Stations
  • Near the jumppads
  • Near the Lolly bases
  • Near the weapon spawn points
  • Places where BamBams are crossed and not allowed to deploy