Production information

Holdable powerup

Technical specifications


Attack Damage

Detonation (1-200)

  • 250 units splash radius
  • 150 units range of detonation
  • Maximum of 30 Boomies deployable per team


  • Capture the Lolly
  • Big Balloon

""Small, but powerful", that's how these mines are described best. Whenever the player picks up the item, three limpet mines that can be placed around the map are added to the player's inventory. You won't be able to create whole mine fields with that, but the mines work very well as a defensive weapon. After having been placed by the 'USE' button, they explode when approached and deal massive damage. Because of their dangerousness there are locations on the map where the mines must not be placed."
— World of Padman Manual

The Boomies, also called as BOOMiES, is a holdable powerup that is usable to deploy landmines in the premises that explode when an enemy gets near them. These landmines can stick to walls and even ceilings and instantly armed upon deploy. Boomies cannot be detonated by the player; only when an enemy gets near them or any weapons cause them to set off. There is an enforced limit of 30 Boomies can be deployed per team.

Boomies cannot be deployed in following areas listed below:

  • Near the existing Boomies
  • Near the Health Stations
  • Near the jumppads
  • Near the Lolly bases
  • Near the weapon spawn points
  • Places where Boomies are crossed and not allowed to deploy


  • Its best use is to deny enemies the chance to use certain paths. Tight paths (such as hallways) should be filled with Boomies so that your defense can focus on large entrances. They can also be placed on powerup spawn points in case the enemy is getting too close and you have no time to seal some paths with Boomies.
  • When placing Boomies, try to hide them. Getting the drop on enemies can surprise them enough for them to retreat, especially if the Boomies took off most of their health.
  • A hallway full of Boomies can be cleaned with any weapon shots. Inflicted damage will set tightly placed Boomie groups easily. However, Boomies are tough, so shoot them repeatedly should explode.
  • Boomies deal no splash damage to their carrier, but their blast forces can send anyone skyward high.
  • Place Boomies on walls and ceilings where they're hard to spot. If the enemy sees Boomies on the ground, they'll know not to follow you. If you follow this trap, try not to hold the weapon out while you preform it, which may make it obvious.
  • Though it may be risky, the player can ram into enemies and look down to deploy Boomies can finish him/her off, with Boomies instant arm advantage.