PadCenter is one of the 4 Q3 PadMaps which were never updated for WoP. It appears to be some sort of a shopping center. This map isn't in the usual "large scale" style ( the player is mouse size in the map ). PadCenter has many custom textures and sound effects. Altough the map was never updated, it's mentioned in a poster in PadAttic and PadShop in the latest version of WoP (1.6) 


PadCenter's Levelshot

ENTE's PadCenter (PadMap)

ENTE's PadCenter (PadMap)

Weapons Edit

PadCenter has 2 Pumpers, 1 Balloony, 1 Betty, 1 Boaster, 1 Splasher and 1 Bubble.G. 

Powerups Edit

There are 4 Powerups total: PadShield, PadPower, Revival, Visionless. 

Gametypes Edit

PadCenter supports FFA, TDM and 1VS1 Gamemodes 

Music Edit

There is no custom music in this map.