ENTE's PadCrash is a map with a large history. It started out as a barely popular PadMap for Quake 3 (It Included PadCrash DM17 and PadCrash CTF), it was later ported to WoP 1.2 in ENTE's PadPack (Map pack featuring PadCrash, PadCrash DM17, PadCastle and PadGallery). Nowadays, in WoP 1.6, it's featured as a default map along with it's DM17 Version.


PadCrash's Levelshot

ENTE's PadCrash (PadMap)

ENTE's PadCrash (PadMap)

Map Description Edit

PadCrash is a small map with only one powerup and a few weapons. It's great for the 1vs1 gametype or with 3-4 people playing. It's DM17 Alternative is slightly larger. PadCrash is the only PadMap that supports the CTF gametype, and an "in-air map" (The player can fall out of the world)

Weapons Edit

PadCrash featured a 2 Pumpers, 2 Bettys and a Balloony.

Powerups Edit

The only Powerups in PadCrash were PadPower and PadShield

Gametypes Edit

PadCrash suppors FFA, TDM, 1VS1 and CTF Gametypes

Music Edit

There is no custom music for this map.