PadGarden's second version. It's way different from the first one, the biggest changes are the imperius room, some powerups changed locations and the third splasher is removed.


PadGarden V2's levelshot. Notice the "NEW VERSION!" wrighting below "garden"

ENTE's PadGarden (New Version)

ENTE's PadGarden (New Version)


PadGarden V2 has the same powerups as the previous version, however their locations have changed.


The weapons stay the same (Apart from the Splashers, the third Splasher was removed), however, like with the powerups, they changed locations.

The Imperius RoomEdit

The Imperius Room in the second version differs from the first version. It's no longer connected to the pool, there is not as much water in the tunnel and it resembles the Imperius room in the current version of the map for WoP 1.2 and 1.6.


PadGarden V2 supports FFA, TDM and 1VS1 Gametypes


There is no custom music in this map.