PadShip is PiratePad's Pirate Ship. This map didn't change a lot, the only difference are minor texture changes, and the door leading to the camptain's room is actually a portal instead of a crack, meaning the hallway with the imperius ammo we have nowadays didn't exist back then. 

Wop padship

PadShip's Levelshot

ENTE's PadShip (PadMod)

ENTE's PadShip (PadMod)

Weapons Edit

This map features all weapons 

Powerups Edit

This map has 2 Jumpers, 1 Visionless, 1 Revival, 1 PadPower, 1 Killer Ducks, 1 Floater, 2 PadShields and 5 Health Stations. 

Gametypes Edit

This map supports all gametypes (Safe for CTF) 


If a player uses floater to climb on the picture frame in the storage area and pushes the small skull, a crate opens for a short amount of time, revealing the Imperius inside. Altough the player is supposed to get teleported out of the crate as soon as they jump in and grab the Imperius, if one does it just right, they can still in that crate for the rest of the game.