PadShop was removed in 1.2, however it can be ported to 1.2 from the PadMod, with only minor texture edits ( like the rocks in the imperius room ) 

Wop padshop

PadShop's levelshot

ENTE's PadShop (102:52

ENTE's PadShop (1.2)

Powerups, Gametypes, Weapons Edit

All powerups and weapons locations stayed exactly the same, since the map can only be ported from the PadMod to 1.2. (Read the PadMod page for more info on the locations of the powerups ). The gametypes for this map also stayed the same, featuring all apart from BB and CTF 

Secrets and Secret Rooms Edit

The same rooms apply: PC Room, Doom Room, Moon Rooms, Cupboard Room and Spray Room/Castle Room. For more info, read the PadMod Page: 

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