World of Padman has unique fragging and scoring due to all it's gametypes.

Fragging Edit

In order to frag another player, one must constantly hit them with any weapons they have, different weapons deal different amounts of damage. A player is fragged once their health and shield drop to 0%.

Team-Fragging Edit

In team play games, players can frag their own teammates via 2 methods:

Friendly Fire Edit

Some servers have Friendly Fire enabled, meaning that players can hurt and even frag their own teammates. Fragging a teammate lowers the entire team's points with 1.

Teleportation Glitch Edit

Even in a game with Friednly Fire off, it's still possible to frag your opponent. If two players from the same team walk into a portal at the exact same time, only one of them will make it to the other side, the other one will be fragged for "Invading personal space"

Scoring Edit

The scoring in WoP Is very simple

FFA Edit

In FFA, 1 frag = 1 point. If the player happen to kill themselves (Shoot at the floor with the pumper or betty, their water bomb from the balloony backfires, get fragged by their own killer ducks, blow up the imperius, stand in hazardous ground (fire), drown or fall out of the map), they loose one point. If a player kills themselves while they have 0 score, they will have -1.

TDM Edit

In TDM, 1 frag = 1 point for the corresponding team. The same rule with self fragging and team fragging applies in TDM

SyC Edit

In SyC games, 1 cartridge = 5 points. The player doesn't get points for fragging opponents right away, but must spray the cartridges for points. For 5 sprays in a row, the player gets 10 bonus points, and for 8 cartridges in a row, the player gets 25 bonus points. The same rule with self fragging and team fragging applies in SyC.

LPS Edit

In LPS the scores are reversed. Every player starts out with a certain number of lives (10 is the most common), and looses lives with each frag. Once a player is out of lives, they are locked in spectator mode until the round ends. The victory goes to whoever has the most lives left in the end of a game.

BB Edit

In BB, each time gains 1 point per 2 seconds for each balloon they have captured. A teeam gets 10 bonus points for making a "Big Balloon" (Capturing all balloons at the same time)


In CTL/CTF, each time the flag is captured gives 1 point to the team who captured the flag/lolly. The self fragging rule does not apply in BB and CTL.