Harmonieman's Diner is supposedly a map of PadLily's workplace, a small diner. This map has changed a lot between the PadMod and 1.2 versions. 

Wop diner

Diner's Levelshot

Harmonieman's Diner (PadMod)01:58

Harmonieman's Diner (PadMod)

Weapons Edit

This map features one of each weapon 

Powerups Edit

This map has 1 PadShield, 4 Health Stations, 1 Jumper, 1 Visionless, 1 Revival and 1 Killer Ducks. 


This map supports all gametypes (Safe for CTF) 

Special Rooms Edit

Imperius Room Edit

There are many black and white paintings in this map, however one of them is a portal that must be activated. If the player shoots at the jukebox buttons with the pumper or betty, one of the paintings wil have colors, meaning the portal is open for a short amount of time. When one jumps through it, they will get teleported to a small isolated room with the imperius in a glass tube. Push the button and the tube will open, allowing access to the Imperius for only a few seconds. If you don't get it in time the tube will close, killing you if you are still in it's way. The button cannot be pressed again until about 3 minutes have passed since the last time it was pressed. 

Jukebox Room Edit

If a player goes behind the jukebox, there is a small portal leading "inside" the jukebox ( But it's actually a whole large seperate room located outside of the map boundries). Inside that room there is some ammo, the Visionless and the Balloony. 

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