Killer Ducks
Production information

Holdable powerup

Technical specifications
Damage Per Hit
  • 2 (bite)
  • 1-20 (impact)
  • 1-50 (splash damage)
  • Automatically search for opponents and attack
  • Attacks user if no opponents found
  • Explodes in 10 seconds

World of Padman

"You can let these bad beasts loose on your opponents. As soon as you are close to them, you can send out a duck by pressing the "USE" key. The ducks will now automatically search for an opponent that is near them, and will attack and follow him. But if there is no opponent, the ducks could attack you!"
— World of Padman Manual

The Killer Ducks is a holdable powerup that deploys ducks that will automatically search for opponents nearest to them and attack. If no opponent is found, the ducks will attack the player instead. No damage will be done to Killer Ducks if they are hit, however the ducks will explode after 10 seconds being deployed.


  • Killer Ducks should be used in heavily contested areas, such as confined spaces with few players inside. Deploy them in and attack by surprise, though they are invulnerable, they will explode in 10 seconds, dealing even more damage.