There are over 150 maps total made for all versions of WoP. That includes Custom Maps, Event Maps, Default Maps, CTF/CTL maps and many others.


There are 18 PadMaps for Q3 and the PadMod. ( )

PadMod Default MapsEdit

There are 17 default maps for the PadMod. (

1.2 Default MapsEdit

There are 18 default maps for WoP 1.2 (Featuring the PadPack from ENTE) (  )  

CTF MapsEdit

There are 16 CTF Maps for WoP 1.2.(

X-Mas MapsEdit

There are 2 X-Mas themed maps for the X-Mas mod: wop_Holidays by Nestel34 and weinacht (hidden map) (

WoP Lympia MapsEdit

There are 8 maps made for the WoP Lympia event. ( )

1.2 Custom MapsEdit

There are over 100 Custom maps ever created for WoP 1.2.(

1.5 Default MapsEdit

There are 18 default maps for WoP 1.5 and 1.6. PadCastle and PadGallery were however removed/never updated. ( also features the CTL maps)

CTL MapsEdit

There are 9 Default CTL maps for WoP 1.5 and 1.6.

1.5 and 1.6 Custom MapsEdit

There are exactly 25 custom maps ever made for WoP 1.5 and 1.6. ( )

Hidden maps Edit

There are a few misc maps that most people didn't even know about, some are hidden away in mods, while others were removed from the PadMod, but there's still a way to get them. ( )