PadGarden was a PadMap by ENTE which is updated for the latest version of WoP. PadGarden went through the most changes throughout the years out of all the PadMaps. There is also a secondary PadMap version of PadGarden which is more like the current version.


PadGarden's levelshot

ENTE's PadGarden (PadMap)

ENTE's PadGarden (PadMap)


PadGarden contains 1 Visionless, Revival, PadPower and PadShield


PadGarden has 2 Pumpers, 1 Balloony, 2 Bettys, 2 Boasters, 3 Splashers, 2 Bubble G.'s and an Imperius. There is no imperius ammo in this map 

The Imperius RoomEdit

The most unique thing about PadGarden is the Imperius room. Instead of being teleported to an entirely different place, the player can also access the imperius room from the pool. It's connected to the pool by 2 gates and there is a hidden button in the pool that opens the first gate (The second one opens automatically)

This was changed in PadGarden v.2., Where the imp room is no longer connected to the pool, and it stayed like that until today.


PadGarden features FFA, TDM adn 1VS1 Gametypes


There is no custom music in this map