PadKitchen is a PadMap by ENTE that has been updated for all the different versions of WoP throughout the years. The first version of PadKitchen is very different from the nowadays versions, for example, the microwave is not a killroom and the climber is located there, the way to the imperius actually leads to the microwave etc.


PadKitchen's levelshot

PadKitchen by ENTE (PadMap)

PadKitchen by ENTE (PadMap)


PadKitchen contains 1 Climber, 1 PadPower, 1 Revival, 1 Visionless and 1 PadShield


PadKitchen features all weapons, including an Imperius which is in place of the Imperius ammo in newer versions of the map. Since there is no floater in any of the PadMaps, and the Climber does not work as intended, the only way to get the Imperius is by wall-jumping with the Betty and PadPower. Once a player has finally reached the imperius, a loud "YEEESSS "can be heard throughout the map, alerting other players that someone got the Imperius. The Imperius has full ammo of 5 shots in this map, and there is no Imperius ammo.

Aside from the Imperius, Boaster and Balloony, There are 2 Pumpers, Splashers, Bettys and Bubble.g.'s

The Microwave Edit

The Microwave in PadKitchen nowadays acts as the killroom of the map. Whilst in the first version of PadKitchen for Q3, the microwave contains the Climber powerup, but it can still act as a killroom. The door to the climber opens very slowly, so in the meantime any other player can easily shoot the button outside of the microwave and the player still stuck inside gets killed instantly

That makes it a challenge to get the Climber, that's why it lasts for 1 minute instead of the usual 30 seconds.


The PadKitchen Map features FFA, TDM and 1VS1 Gametypes.


PadKitchen, like PadShop, had it's own music which is nowadays playable in the PadRock'n'Roll in-game playlist by Dieselkopf.