PooP is a random given name for a CTF map made by 3atMe (Eat Me). It consist of a large main room and 2 long zigzagging hallways leading to the bases. 


Poop's levelshot

PooP by 3atMe! (Custom Map)01:18

PooP by 3atMe! (Custom Map)

Weapons Edit

There are 2 Boasters in the neutral zone, and 3 Bubble.G.'s, 1 Balloony, 3 Pumpers and 1 Betty in every base. 

Powerups Edit

There are 2 Visionless powerups: One in each base, and 1 PadPower in the center of the lava pool in the neutral zone. There is also 1 PadShield and 1 Health Station in every base. Interestingly enough, this map doesn't have a single padshard.  

Bases Edit

The bases are connecting via zigzagging tunnels. The center area has 2 boasters and the padpower in it. 

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