This is Lady Killer's second CTF map. It consists of two neatly created pyramid bases, and a beautiful skybox


Pyramid Challenge's Levelshot

Pyramid Challenge by LK (Custom Map)01:13

Pyramid Challenge by LK (Custom Map)

Weapons Edit

This map has 1 Betty, 1 Bubble.G., 1 Pumper and 1 Splasher in each base. There is also a balloony right in the middle of the map, similarly to LK's Hall of Death map 

Powerups Edit

There are no powerups in this map 

Bases Edit

Each base consists of 3 floors: The ground floor leads out to the bridge and contains 1 Pumper and 1 Bubble.G. on each side. The second floor contains the betty and the final floor has the flag and the Splasher. The middle area is a small pyramid with a Balloony on top of it. 

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