Production information


Technical specifications
  • Grants player 2x faster speed
  • Pushes teammates and enemies away upon contact
  • Leaves cloud trails behind the player's feet

Haste (Quake 3 Arena)

"Hey, how fast can you get?! The Speedy power-up will increase your speed a lot and that's not only good to hunt your opponents with the Punchy, it also helps you escape."
— World of Padman Manual

The Speedy is a powerup that adds 2x bonus to your running speed. It lasts for 30 seconds and makes small cloud trails form behind your feet as long as you have it. It respawns after two minutes. Upon contact with teammate or enemy, you will push him/her away! However no damage is dealt to enemy, but it can be useful for enemies to miss a target, your trails make enemies easier to track you. Unlike its Quake 3 Arena counterpart, it does nothing to rate of fire of the player's weapons.


  • If you are up against someone with Speedy, prepare something with high damage or rate of fire to intercept the user, look for trails will make finding the user easier. Avoid fighting Speedy user at close if your reflex cannot cope with enemy speed or your ping is high. In addition, avoid contact with enemies that has Speedy, the enemies will push you away!
    • Look for predictable points, like the exit of the teleporter, choke points and narrow corridor that is difficult to maneuver, ambush Speedy users at these locations are often easier than leading your weapon to them while they are on the run.