The PadMaps were a series of maps for the games Quake 3 and Jedi Knight 2 created by ENTE before the PadMod project has begun.

All the PadMaps are from 2000, 2001 and 2002, some of them have never been updated for the actual WoP game, others have been updated with the new powerups and textures.

The maps are still playable in game using the PadMod port (Visit the PadMod page), with no flaws or missing textures whatsoever, however, it is not recommended to play the PadMaps outside of the PadMod port.

The PadMaps Edit

The PadMaps are a total of 18:

PadSpace (Quake 3, never updated) ( -

PadShop (Quake 3, still present) ( -

PadPool (Quake 3, never updated) ( -

PadKitchen (Quake 3, still present) ( -

PadHome (Quake 3, never updated) ( -

PadGarden (Quake 3, still present, first version) ( -

PadGarden 2 (Quake 3, still present, second version/extended) ( -

PadGallery (Quake 3, never updated for 1.6, first version) ( -

PadGallery DeLuxe (Quake 3, never updated for 1.6, secondary improved version of the original) ( -

PadCrash (Quake 3, still present) (, features both normal, DM17 and CTF versions) -

PadCrash DM17 (Quake 3, still present) -

PadCrash CTF (Quake 3, updated in 1.6) -

PadCenter (Quake 3, never updated) ( -

PadCastle (Quake 3, never updated for 1.6) ( -

PadStation (Jedi Knight 2, never ported to WoP) ( -

PadHall (Jedi Knight 2, ported to WoP as the PadLibrary Spray Room) -

PadHangar (Jedi Knight 2, never ported to WoP) (, features all PadMaps for JK2 except PadStation) -

PadReactor (Jedi Knight 2, never ported to WoP) -

PadTemple (Jedi Knight 2, never ported to WoP) -

For more information on these maps, visit their own pages.

Downloads Edit

All of these maps (Including the Jedi Knight 2 ones) can be found on GameFont. NOTE: PadHall, PadHangar, PadReactor and PadTemple are filed up as a PadPack for Jedi Knight 2. They also will not work in WoP, since they are build for a different version of the ioq3 engine.

All of the PadMaps (Including the Jedi Knight 2 ones) are features in the custom pack made by Guilty_King.