World of Padman 1.6 has exactly 18 Default maps and 9 CTL maps

Default Maps Edit

ENTE's PadGarden

ENTE's PadGarden Night

ENTE's PadKitchen

Harmonieman's Huette

ENTE's PadLibrary

Oregano4's Plane

Kai's TrashMap

MopAn's Jail

ENTE's PadShip

GlowStar's Backyard

ENTE's PadCrash

Cyben's CybBath

ENTE's PadShop

GlowStar's Anteroom

ENTE's PadAttic

GlowStar's Cabin

Harmonierman's Diner

ENTE's PadCrash DM17

CTL Maps Edit

ENTE's PadCloister

GlowStar's Color Stage

ENTE's PadAsia

Harmonieman's Westernset

ENTE's PadBox

Cyben's CybJourney

ENTE's PadBase

ENTE's PadCrash CTL

Kai's Fridge Wars

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