World of Padman from the very beginning

1998 Edit

It all began with the PadComics by the german artist and designer Andreas "ENTE" Endres, who wrote comical comics in English and German about "Pads" and the adventures of the main character: PadMan

2000-2002 Edit

From the year 2000, ENTE started to make maps themed on his comics. He called them the "PadMaps" and they were for Quake 3 and Jedi Knight 2. The first PadMap he ever made was PadCastle.

2004 Edit

In 2004, the PadMod was released by ENTE and a team of programmers. It was a full modification of the game Quake 3 Arena which changed everything: from textures and sounds, to even weapons and adding new gametypes and maps

2007 Edit

In 2007, the WoP Standalone game was released (WoP 1.0) , no longer being a modification of Quake3, WoP went through a lot of changes in this period, from simple texture tweaks, to entirely re-done maps.

2008 Edit

In 2008, or late 2007, the WoP 1.2 patch was released which added a new map and a new skin to the original WoP 1.0., also the PadPack was released around this time

2010 Edit

In 2010, WoP received a huge update "The Colorful Evolution" (WoP 1.5), adding 2 new gametypes, new characters, music, maps, a new weapon and new powerups. A week after it's released, WoP 1.5 released a hotfix to fix a lot of bugs. The version was named WoP 1.5.1

2011 Edit

In 2011, or late 2010, there were a few Beta versions of WoP 1.5.3, 1.5.4 and 1.5.5 released before the public release of the next patch, WoP 1.6, which added a new map and new skins.

The last version released was WoP 1.6, which is also the current version.

There are no more versions rumored to be in the works.